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We hope you are enjoying our take on inspirational and motivational quotes and on self help and personal development!

We have worked long and hard to bring this website to life – from collecting the quotes and photos to website design and a lot of specialized programming that was required to make it all possible.

The work is ongoing as we strive to keep this website the wonderful thing that it is and make it even better, as well as to enrich our blog with more content and articles. We hope our efforts are fruitful and you find this website and its content beneficial to you.

In order for you to continue enjoying the site, we are required to present you with its terms of use, and you need to agree to and comply with these terms.

Terms of Use and Disclaimers

The entire content of this website is created in good faith and with the utmost honest intention of helping people better their lives and the lives of others.

Similarly, this website may feature products created by others (advertisements) as well as guest articles. We list articles and products that to the best of our knowledge are aimed at bettering people’s lives and do not aim to hurt anyone or anything in any way.

Regardless, and this goes without saying, you take full and complete responsibility for your choices, decisions and actions and for their effects on yourself and on others, even if you believe your actions were ‘inspired’ by the content of this website.

Understandably, we cannot take any kind of responsibility for the decisions people make or for the actions they take.

Intellectual Rights

This website as a whole is copyrighted and protected as intellectual property. You may not duplicate any part of this website without our consent.

We do not hold the intellectual rights to the “Inspirational quotes” featured on this website. The credit for each quote lies with its originator.

We list the author of each quote to the best of our knowledge. If you believe we have ‘mismatched’ a quote and its author, please feel free to contact us and we will try to correct the matter if needed.

Similarly, we do not hold the intellectual rights to the photos featured on the website. The credit for each photo goes to the photographer.

We acquired these photos from various photos providers, who to the best of our knowledge rightfully acquired them in turn from the photographers.

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