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Smooth Your Path to Success with These 5 Questions

Oct 17, 2012

Take a few moments right now to honestly answer these questions. Chances are it will clear out a lot of hurdles on your way to success.

At times, it’s hard not to feel that you are living on a down escalator. We try all we can to accomplish something, but we hardly manage to stay where we are, let alone move forward. Often times the obstacles are largely internal rather than external. We feel guilt, fear or regret and it seems to take over the best of us and not let us make any progress. It seems that we are constantly...

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The Mediocrity Magent

Oct 11, 2012

Most people spend their life somewhere above the bottom but very far from their true dreams. Don't be one of those.

People fear poverty. People fear being alone. Students fear failing their exams. Businessmen fear being bankrupt. Fear motivates. The adrenalin starts pumping. We see the abyss right below our feet. Burn all bridges behind you and you will be fully motivated. If we don’t resolve the situation, we will have nothing to eat, or lose our job, or lose companionship. The sense of urgency propels...

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Is positivity delusional?

Oct 6, 2012

Are the skeptics right when they question your attitude and resolve, claiming that you are being delusionally optimistic? Let's get realistic and find a cut and dry answer.

So you have taken on one of those life changing tasks that look insurmountable, but you are constantly keeping yourself motivated. The right attitude is everything. It’s always darkest before the dawn. We always quit just when success is around the corner. And so on. And so forth. You’ve probably heard all of these great inspirational attitudes by now, and yes you feel lifted when you...

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